Do I need a book editor?

Many writers are unsure whether their manuscript requires a book editor. Hiring a book editor is not essential, but it is well worth it. Some authors don’t want to spend the money or would prefer to get their work edited by friends and family. That is fine, but if you want to stand out in front of agents and publishers, a professional book editor’s job is to help you do just that.

If you are planning on getting your book out there, it should be in the best shape possible. Writers usually hire me because they need a book editor who can help them see the bigger picture as well as the finer points of their work. Of course, every writer wants their work to ‘shine’. If I’ve learned anything from working at a literary agency, it is that more work gets rejected than accepted. Oftentimes it is because writers did not go that extra mile to ensure that their work is ready to be read by people outside their circles.

Here are some editing services that I offer:

  • Manuscript appraisal/assessment provides you with a 6-to-8-page report on all aspects of your work. I look at what works and what doesn’t. I examine your plot, structure, characterization, style, setting and tone to point out ways in which you can tighten and perfect your work.
  • Structural editing entails assessing and shaping your manuscript to improve organisation and content.
  • Copy editing entails looking at your sentence structure to clarify meaning, ensure coherence and flow, and improve the language.
  • Proofreading entails inspecting material after it has been laid out or in its final form to correct textual and visual errors.

This is what you should expect to gain from any type of professional edit:

  • Whether I’m giving you a manuscript appraisal or a copy edit, I will let you know if something doesn’t work, (gently but firmly!).
  • I’ll examine your work in the current literary market and tell you how you can pitch it to potential publishers and agents.
  • I will provide you with a fresh set of eyes.
  • I’ll save you time so you don’t have to keep revising.
  • I’ll help you set realistic goals when it comes to time management for further drafts.
  • As a copy editor, I will go over your manuscript to ensure that the syntax is smooth and that the writing follows proper grammatical conventions. I will also ensure that your wording is correct and precise and that your punctuation is appropriate and correctly placed. I’ll also be responsible for evaluating industry and genre standards and ensuring that your intentions for your book are conveyed correctly. I will bring your rough manuscript to a professional level.

If in doubt, contact me via the enquiry form and I would be more than happy to give you some advice on which step to undertake depending on what stage of development your book is at.



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