Editing & Proofreading

Manuscript assessment and development

A written report assessing a manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. In my assessment I offer editorial feedback on all the following areas of your writing:

Plot & Pace

Does the plot unfold naturally and cohesively? Are there inconsistencies in the way the story is told? Is the plot engaging and memorable? What are the ways in which you can make it better? How can your work be tightened and strengthened?

Narrative Voice

Is your narrative strong and memorable? Does the voice make an impact on the reader? What can be done to strengthen the way the story is told? Does your narrative voice resonate with the strength of the story?


Are your characters credible and believable? Do they stand as well-rounded ‘people?’


Is your structure even or is it fragmented? Does it work temporally?


The style of storytelling says much about the strength of your writing. Is your book sophisticated and does your style draw readers in? What can be done to make readers more engaged with your plot and characters?

Themes and Genre

Examining your themes and influences, how your manuscript can be compared or likened to other books that are currently out there on the market. At times it is good to note books that can be likened to yours in your cover letter to an agent or publisher to help them understand the niche of your work and its marketability. This is a very important aspect of publishing which a lot of new writers overlook, especially with their first novels.


I comment briefly on your grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, clarity and expression. If you want your manuscript to be edited line-by-line, please consider my copy-editing service.

I also provide mentoring for manuscripts in progress and this includes help with plot, structure, style, character development, genre and the manuscript’s marketability.

Fees depend on the complexity of the project and the amount of work required. Feel free to contact me for a free quote.


Editing the manuscript line by line, checking grammar, spelling, consistency of style, clarity and expression. This is a time-consuming job which can take from 8 to 10 weeks and fees are to be negotiated with the author.


Proofing a manuscript once it has been copyedited and ensuring it is ready for publication. This is usually the last stage of manuscript development before the book goes into print. Fees are to be negotiated with the author or publishing house.

Free quotes for editing, proofreading and author mentoring services.
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