Writing: A Process of Splitting Personality

Writing demands you to play a variety of roles and not just by slipping into the skins of your characters.

How many times have you written something great, but when you read it the next day, you realised that it was horrible? This is completely normal. It’s called self-doubt and it happens to everyone. The process of manuscript development is tough, and if you want your story to take shape, you need to accept that each day you might be required to become a different person and slip into a different role.

The Critic

You find plot holes and grammatical mistakes everywhere you look. You criticize yourself for not being able to shape your story the way you imagined it in your head.
Solution: Edit, Plot it, Shape it.

The Inspector

You see faults where you didn’t see them before.
Your characters are missing pieces of themselves and they are not believable. There are things in your story that just don’t add up!
Solution: Mend your characters, piece things together so that they make sense.

The Realist

You realise that your work will take longer than you thought to finish, and it becomes really disheartening to have to go back and map everything out again.
Solution: Brainstorm, Plan your time.

The Creator

Whilst this is probably the most exciting role, it’s the one that requires the most discipline. It’s the role that is the least inhibited, but most troubled.
Solution: Write. As often as possible.

The next time you sit down to write, sit for ten minutes and try and figure out which role has come into play for you today. Don’t force yourself to create when you want to criticize, and don’t force

yourself to inspect when you need to plot and plan like a realist. Just wait and see, who you are today…

By Barbara Ivusic
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